Treasury on The Plaza Wedding | St. Augustine Wedding | Tiffany & Deven

There must be some strong love potion running through the water in Florida because so many of my favorite love stories here are of couples who met in grade school just like childhood sweethearts Tiffany & Deven. These two finally tied the knot at our favorite St.Augustine Venue; The Treasury on The Plaza. It was an absolutely gorgeous day and we were able to spend some quality time capturing beautiful photos around the city. Tiffany has a contagious smile which came in handy when she turned her nervous Groom around to see her during a precious First Look. Once the nerves settled down our couple walked hand in hand through the city as on lookers congratulated them on the big day. Its easy to

Royal Oaks Country Club Wedding | Alexandra & Chris Wedding Blog

There is a story to be told for every couple and this one starts off with unpredictable weather. It actually snowed in Texas! We make fun of the weather reporter around here because they pretty much have to guess what its going to be for the day but waking up to snow falling on the ground and then nothing but sunshine and green grass later in the day is about as strange as it gets and completely unexpected, but hey this is Texas and we are prepared for anything. Alexandra & Chris have been together forever! They really did grow up alongside one another and hearing the stories of their love and devotion is truly inspiring. I can't wait to watch the story unfold in their video that Luke is mak

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