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As you know, Luke and I work together as a husband and wife team on the wedding day! This is our full time job and we absolutely love doing this together!  Documenting your wedding day is such an honor!


Since we’ll be spending a lot of time together on the big day, I want to make sure you really feel like you know us! So, here are some basics...

Nadia Wiler

This is me! I’m in charge of a lot of things... except dishes .  I started this business when I was planning my own wedding and I still can’t believe I get to call this my career! I’m always the lead photographer and communicator. My strengths are in the creative side of things. I’m the dreamer and so I’m constantly coming up with new ideas while Luke & the dogs try to make sure I’m being realistic! :)

Luke Wiler

Luke is the reason I’m not crazy! He keeps so much straight in our business when im not even looking. He preps gear and runs the entire video side of our business. Working together started for us in 2014 and we haven’t looked back since! We love our rare days at home,  but on the days that we’re on the road, Luke is almost always driving... because unfortantely, that isn’t one of my strengths either!  Luke is such a go-to guy on the wedding day.  Besides being an incredible videographer he’s always there to help move heavy things, change batteries and make my life easier!! 

Don't forget Bebe & Nash

Nash & Bebe are like our children. Yes, we are those crazy dog people who tuck them in at night. They love to hang out in the office while we edit our weddings together. Nash is our sporty dog, he absolutely loves fetch & tug of war. Bebe loves anything that comes out of the kitchen. I couldnt possibly imagine our home without these two precious fur babies.