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Does Lumi Work With Flash Photography?

Yes! Lumi is so good with flash you will wonder what you were ever doing before Lumi. We will show you how to use Lumi indoors as well!

What All Do I Get When I Purchase Lumi?

You will receive the single click Lumi Preset, a video tutorial on how to make Lumi work best in different lighting scenarios and an easy to follow install guide.

Are All of Your Sessions Edited With Lumi?

Honestly, no! Lumi has taken a long time to develop and along the way we played with other presets, fell in and out of love with popular brands but always came back to Lumi. We are human too and wonder what the grass looks like on the other side. Lumi has stood the test of time and has proven to be the easiest Preset to use on the market. There are no right or wrong answers. Photography is an art and you are the artist, presets are there to make your life a little easier and help you define the look and feel that you want for your clients and to make you excited about what you do. Try Lumi or other presets, we won't be offended at all. We have tried them all too :)  

Introducing Lumi Presets

Meet Lumi! Our first ever Lightroom Preset available for photographers to enhance your RAW images from dull and lifeless to bright & colorful!

What makes Lumi Different?


Lumi is not derived from film or made to look like anything else but to bring life to your images the way they were seen. Lets face it, you are a digital photographer and you just want your images to stand out and not only wow your clients but make you extremely excited to edit your next session!

Is Lumi Complicated? 

Not at all! In fact Lumi is one of the easiest presets we have ever used. With the right exposure and WB its one click and done! With your Lumi Preset you will also receive an awesome tutorial on how we recommend you shoot IN camera to get the best out of Lumi. 


Can I Test My Own Images Before I Commit to Lumi?


100% YES! We encourage you to try before you buy. We want you to absolutely love the way YOUR images look and not just ours. Feel free to send us 1-3 of your favorite images and we will show you what Lumi can do.