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Royal Oaks Country Club Wedding | Alexandra & Chris Wedding Blog

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

There is a story to be told for every couple and this one starts off with unpredictable weather. It actually snowed in Texas! We make fun of the weather reporter around here because they pretty much have to guess what its going to be for the day but waking up to snow falling on the ground and then nothing but sunshine and green grass later in the day is about as strange as it gets and completely unexpected, but hey this is Texas and we are prepared for anything.

Alexandra & Chris have been together forever! They really did grow up alongside one another and hearing the stories of their love and devotion is truly inspiring. I can't wait to watch the story unfold in their video that Luke is making for them. I know it will be awesome!

Luke and I both felt like we bonded with this couple and their friends and family right off the bat. It sort of felt like we knew everyone already which made the whole day that much more fun. I got to experience the dynamics of Alexandra with her mom and sister on a private bridal session. They reminded me so much of hanging out with my own family. We shared quite a few good laughs and really enjoyed our time.

Fast forward to my favorite part of a wedding, Alexandra surprised all of us with choreographed dances by Kitty Carter (If you are a fan of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, then you know that Kitty Carter is a legend), Alexandra grew up dancing for Kitties company so it was only fitting and really special watching her perform with her dad and with Chris on her wedding day. They had guests shouting and clapping with excitement right from the start.

I had no doubt that the night would end in a big dance party. Their DJ was incredible! Two things that I believe can make or break your wedding day, your photographer and your DJ....They had both of these right ;)

Going through their photos and piecing together this blog, I am so excited to share. This really is my favorite part of what I do. Especially knowing that this family put so much into making the wedding and all the details absolutely perfect. I get to help bring their vision to life.

To this amazing family, I hope you all love re-living every special moment from this day. We had so much fun working with all of you and we felt like part of the gang. Thank you for trusting us to save these memories forever....