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Morgan & Dakota | Parker Manor Wedding | June 14th, 2020

The thought on every couples mind who are planning a wedding during this season, "Where do we go from here"? Morgan & Dakota were the very first pair that had to say "I-Do" to a total wedding reschedule. It was mandated by the state and the most responsible thing to do during a Pandemic.

Was it easy? Absolutely not, nobody dreams up their wedding day and imagines having to change the date last minute but everyone was in this together and everyone wanted to make sure that Morgan & Dakota could still have the wedding they had hoped for.

We soaked up every second and every emotion we could because for just a moment in time everything felt normal again and I think we all really needed to feel this way.

Morgan & Dakota are a fun lively couple that made our jobs super easy. We had so much fun with them we didn't want the evening to end. Im grateful for having been a part of this day and so excited to share my first blog since quarantine. FINALLY!