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Our Style


Our style of  wedding photography has really evolved over time. We started with a more traditional style, very posed, and have gradually strayed away from that. Now we offer our clients what we like to call Artistic Documentary styled photo shoots. This is our way of saying we take a pure, blissful moment, raw and natural as it is, and capture it. We want the real emotions and expressions that come naturally to whomever we're working with. Then we edit the tones and colors to best compliment the feeling of the settings and the expression or mood. We use our creative side to turn your image into a story!


Will we pose you? Yes. But these "poses" will not be stiff, cold, or unnatural. Think of them as guidelines. We lightly pose to put the best lighting where it's highlighting your features, or to see the way your soon-to-be husband admires you when you aren't paying attention.


One on One Consultations


One-on-one consultations are the best way to get a feel for your style and needs before your wedding. We want to get to know you on a personal level. We want to know all about your dream wedding and dream marriage!  We want to provide you with a story that's revealed every time you glance at your photos, so that you may fall in love with your husband or wife all over again.


The consultation is an important step! We want to meet our brides and grooms in person! However, we're aware that it may be difficult to squeeze in during your planning. We're also available to do a consultation via FaceTime, Skype, or a phone call.


During the consultation, we'll ask a lot of questions. You might as well hand over your diary - only kidding! This is also the time you can let us know more about your wedding schedule, or get help with any vendors that you're having difficulty finding. It's always a good idea to appoint someone you know and trust to be our go-to for schedule changes (we call this a “wrangler”) that may have been made last-minute, and extra wedding details that may have been added in. We like to be on top of things!


The Day Of


The day of your event we'll be there early to set up equipment, check out lighting, get some detail shots, and overall just prepare for everything you need from us.


We'll greet you and get to know your family and, together, we'll capture your moment of happiness! Please be sure to appoint someone you know and trust who will be available to speak with us about any changes in the schedule or any additions to your special day.


Now, you can relax and marry your best friend! The rest is all in our hands - no pressure!