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How To Totally Rock Your Engagement Session

When preparing for your engagement session most couples are actually very nervous and unsure of themselves, but not this couple!

Our couple (Alexis & Andrew) recently moved to Fort Lauderdale, Florida about 4 years ago. They fell in love with the lifestyle of Floridians and who can honestly blame them. So when they called me to shoot their engagement photos, I packed a bag as fast as possible. They truly take the cake though when it comes to rocking a photoshoot and its not really a secret its more of knowing how to get ready the right way.

First is location. Find somewhere you love. Somewhere that makes sense to you as a couple. Maybe its something significant to you both or a place you have been to before that you enjoyed together. Try to find a place that offers some variety. Like different trees, or grassy fields, park benches, water nearby, cool architecture, fun building etc. This way it gives me the opportunity to style you many ways.

Next is your outfits. Believe it or not I find that this is where couples tend to mess up the most. Colors are everything in photography. In my opinion I enjoy photographing light pastel, muted colors more than bright & vibrant colors. I feel its much softer in a photograph and really makes the person stand out and look their best. I have a very light, airy & romantic style to my photos so the more natural of colors my couples wear the better.

Props can be a fantastic way to bring some life to your photos. Sometimes its easy for a couple to feel awkward when its always just them holding one another and kissing. Dont get me wrong there will always be lots of holding & kissing, but look how fun it was and how much life came through just from popping open a bottle of champagne. Like I said these two came prepared.

Upon my arrival they had set up an adorable blue hammock next to a couple palm trees. They brought different kinds of pillows, towels, and even their very own stand up paddle boards. We didnt use everything they brought but the options were definitely there if we decided we wanted them.

Finally they just had FUN! I cant emphasize this enough. I find that the best moments dont happen by posing all the time. It just takes a little fun and playfulness. If my couple is ever feeling stiff, I do have a few horrible corny jokes up my sleeve that tend to loosen the mood. Tickle, kiss, hug, laugh, flirt and have fun. That is what this is all about. When you dont know what to do with your hands, this is where I step in but overall you just need to be yourself and love your partner!


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