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A Stunning Bride...

Planning a wedding is all about decision making. One decision though that may NOT be thought of right away is the decision to have a bridal session prior to your wedding. Why would you want a bridal session? A few reasons come to mind.

First you get to "practice" getting ready for the big day. I cant stress enough how important this can be for a bride. Nobody wants to experience the day of panic when something doesn't go the way you had expected. Will you like your makeup, does it photograph well? Will your hair stylist give you a Pinterest worthy up-do? Can you walk in those cute shoes you bought to match your dress? Is your bridal bouquet just as perfect as you imagined?

You only get married once (at least we hope so) and you really want your day to go smoothly. A bridal session is sure to help with the small yet very important details that make up a stunning bride. Besides what girl doesn't want another excuse to wear her beautiful white dress another day?

Most wedding venue's are very accommodating and understand that you may be wanting to take bridal portraits and will allow you to use the venue during the week while there are no scheduled events going on.

Cameo (Our stunning bride) is getting married on July 23rd 2016 at the Hidden Pines Chapel in Highland Village, TX. She chose such a beautiful venue filled with natural light and elegant decor. It was the perfect place to let our bride be a bride for a day.

Cameo was so thankful to have had this day as she discovered that many of her original plans for hair & makeup didn't go the way she had expected "I honestly didn't like what I saw, it wasn't me, something was not right about the hair and makeup so I had to change it." Without the pressure of a Ceremony starting in 2 hours Cameo was able to change her hair & makeup to look and feel the way she had really wanted.

As a wedding photographer the day is filled with constant moments and details that need to be captured. A bride wants to remember everything possible as the day goes by so quickly. I am always on my feet staying in tune with everything happening around me. Since Cameo took the time to have her bridal session prior to her wedding day we can focus more on the photos with her groom, bridal party & family.

Cameo also has plans of printing her favorite bridal portraits onto canvas to display them for her friends and family attending the wedding. This is a great way to add something special to your wedding day decor but also to hang on the wall at home with your new hubby. You know, to remind him how lucky he is to have married such a beautiful bride....

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