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Lauren & Parker's Wedding | The Springs Anna, TX

Lauren & Parker had a dream wedding come true at The Springs in Anna,TX. This was one of the least stressful weddings I have ever been a part of, as everything seem to work out perfectly on this gorgeous day. The weather was just right, flowers were in perfect bloom, and the groomsman even showed up early. The mood of the day was pure happiness. Everywhere you looked someone was either laughing or smiling. This really set the tone for the remainder of the day. I adored photographing these two. Of course the couple is absolutely stunning together but they carried so much positivity and happiness with them throughout the entire day. Nothing better than working with happy couples. One of my favorite moments in the day was when we blindfolded Parker so that he could touch and speak with his bride. Lauren couldn't wait to see him. She walked up and hugged onto him tightly from behind just before turning him around to see him. She kept telling him how handsome he looked and he smiled from ear to ear as he couldn't wait til that moment he got to see her! It was adorable. So many real emotions throughout the entire day. Happy tears, burst out laughter and smiles across the board. I am so happy for these two and their families. This is one wedding we will never forget...

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