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Janelle & Michael | Treasury On The Plaza Wedding | St.Augustine Wedding

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

We first met Janelle & Michael at Bold Bean coffee shop in Jax Beach. If you have not been there yet and you live in the area its a must try, at least once ;)

We were thrilled to learn they were having their wedding in St.Augustine and at The Treasury. Anytime we get an opportunity to be in this Historic City and work with The Treasury we get super pumped!

I strongly believe that both Janelle & Michael are super heroes because they were able to plan such an elegant wedding all while graduating from law school, passing their bar exams, moving out of state to New York City, getting a new apartment and bringing in a new puppy into their lives! I am just exhausted from thinking about all of this. Planning a wedding takes a lot of attention to detail as it is and then you add all of these huge milestones on top, WOW!

Our day started off at an adorable Airbnb on 123 Cordova. This famous street is known for Palm Row where beautiful palm trees line an old cobblestone street. It was the perfect bridal suite or should I say palace for our bride to be and her closest friends to get ready. They could even have their adorable puppy running around.

Michael had a suite suited for a King at The Casa Monica Hotel just one block from where the bride was getting ready and it was across the street from what became our favorite location to capture photos at The Lightener Museum.

They shared a precious first look that I cant wait for you to see the grooms adorable reaction. Just what every bride hopes for when she imagines her groom seeing her for the first time.

The Ceremony took place at the grand Basilica Cathedral located conveniently next to The Treasury. Everybody cheered loud as they shared their first kiss as husband and wife and walked hand in hand out of the Cathedral as Mr & Mrs Vacchiano!

Of course we knew The Treasury would not fail us with its jaw dropping beauty and spectacular display of lights across the gorgeous pillars. Its amazing that such a beautiful building was once a bank. We love that the original bank vault is still a part of this venue and its the perfect entry way to introduce our couple to the crowd.

Janelle & Michael you were wonderful to work with and we are so excited for your future together. We hope you enjoy all of your photos featured in your blog and online. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your big day and capture the memories you will never forget. Enjoy!

I love these prep moments!

Sweet fur baby in her flower collar.