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Amber & AJ | A Springs Event Venue Wedding | The Lodge

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

I get really excited to work with couples like Amber and AJ because there is nothing that can rain on their parade and I mean that literally! This was actually a really beautiful day, the sun was shining the weather was warm and all the details of the wedding were coming together. Shortly after The First Look we set out to the Ceremony sight to capture Bridal Party photos and no joke the fastest craziest storm appeared out of thin air.

We were stuck and afraid of getting struck! But we had a little but of shelter and nothing but good spirits surrounding us. The bride, her groom and the entire bridal party were huddling close to stay as dry as they could and away from getting drenched. We took advantage of our time and decided not to let it get us down and we snapped some adorable photos of Amber & AJ right there, while the rain threatened to wash us all away.

It was inevitable though, we couldn't stay there forever. Guests were starting to arrive and they were taking shelter inside the beautiful Lodge Venue provided by The Springs Event Venues. I decided to volunteer myself as tribute and make a run for it. Umbrellsa and gear in hand I hustled my way through the down pour of water and sought help to get the remaining bridal party out safe.

Good news we found out through a weather app that the rain would come to a complete end in about 30 mins. Even though the unexpected happened, the day went perfectly! I am so excited to share these moments with this beautiful couple. Their colors were so vibrant which perfectly matched their fun personalities. Congrats to the new Mr & Mrs! #beautyandbatiste