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Bri & Jeremy | Chijmes Dallas Wedding | Dallas, TX Wedding

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Id say Facebook is a pretty amazing place to meet really cool couples like Bri & Jeremy. For us this was something just a tad more special. When Luke and I moved from McKinney to Frisco last August we built ourselves a home in a neighborhood called Rivendale. And no its not "Riverdale" like the TV show, however there is plenty of excitement around here to have our own series.

Moving here we were filled with excitement and couldn't wait to meet all our new neighbors as soon as possible. What we did not expect was meeting a great group of couples that would become some of our best friends. Thats where Bri & Jeremy come in. I received a message about a year ago on Facebook from Bri saying that she lived in our neighborhood and was interested in working with us for her wedding day. So it was without hesitation that we invited them over to meet and talk wedding bells.

Ha, looking back I don't actually think we got around to discussing the wedding at all. We were having so much fun getting to know them and talking about the neighborhood and all the things we had in common, that we sort of forgot why we were meeting in the first place? It was obvious we just met some really great new friends and asking us to capture their wedding day was just the cherry on top!

Little did we know that there would be a total of 18 people from our awesome community joining us on this special occasion and some of them were also vendors just like us! Let me be the first to say that Mr. Rodgers did not properly prepare us for these neighbors because everyone we have met so far have been way cooler.

Im so excited to deliver this blog and share it with all our close know, since they all live just around the corner. This was such a fun wedding, Luke and I both had to put down our gear and end the night on the dance floor with everybody. See if you can spot us in a Rivendale group photo below.