Barbara & Carlos | Secret Gardens Miami Wedding

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

When Barbara contacted me and asked if I would capture her wedding in Miami she started to tell me about the venue and how beautiful it all was and then I discovered that she had already seen me in action. Just 2 months prior we had captured the wedding of Janelle & Michael and Barbara had been a guest attending their wedding. She saw the photos when they were delivered and knew that I was the one for her. Talk about the ultimate compliment!

I was instantly drawn to all the amazing things they were planning for the big day. I was hearing all these wonderful things about Carlos and then they shared with me an incredible story of two people who fell in love over coffee. See I knew coffee was magical.

Miami greeted me with its warm air and I could not wait to see the Secret Gardens where Barbara & Carlos carefully chose to celebrate their marriage. It was a dream venue! The lush tropical greens, waterfalls and ambience was the perfect setting for a romantic evening wedding. When I first arrived I just had to explore the property a bit and I found myself stopping every 2 seconds to grab a photo of something beautiful. Every intricate detail of this place was well thought out.

The Ceremony took place just after the sun went down and began with a candle led precessional of family and friends who are near and dear to Barbara & Carlos. Each of their children played an important role as a part of their bridal party and stood by their sides while they united their families as one. It was impossible to keep a dry eye during their personal vows to one another. They were so heartfelt and spoken beautifully. The love in the air was so thick you could cut it with a knife.

If there is anything I learned from attending a Cuban inspired Miami wedding its this...they really know how to have a good time. The evening was filled with music from a DJ and a live band, latin dancers, Paella, cuban coffee, churros, mojito stations and more! So much entertainment and spaces to enjoy you could not possibly forget this evening.

Barbara & Carlos I am so happy for each of you. You have been blessed and surrounded by love. I felt it and it was real. I hope that your life together continues to be filled with the same magic that brought us all together to celebrate the two of you.