A Surprise Wedding | Event 1013 Wedding | Bailey & Matthew

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

I wanted to offer a different look into this wedding with an interview to the Bride about planning her Surprise wedding. We were so excited about capturing this wedding and couldn't believe how well it came together. Here is what our bride Bailey had to say about her experience...

What gave you the idea to have a Surprise Wedding?

The idea for a surprise wedding came from a Pinterest blog post of another bride in California I believe. She had chosen to have a suprise wedding to marry before her terminally ill grandfather passed away. When I read her heartfelt post on the amazing enthusiasm and love she experienced by making it a suprise, I was convinced this was exactly how I wanted Matt and I to start our life together!

Once you decided to have a Surprise wedding what was it like planning everything? Did you run into any difficulties?

Planning a suprise wedding was one the hardest and yet most special things I have ever experienced. Matt and I were truly tested to rely solely on each other to plan and make all of the wedding arrangements. Talk about learning to work together and trust your new husband right away. Everything for us just kept magically falling into place. Every time there was any kind of set back we both just kept smiling and saying we felt like it was even more confirmation that we were doing the right thing!

Was there anything about planning a surprise wedding that surprised you?

The surprising thing about planning a suprise wedding was actually how good we were at it! Matt and I really embraced the process with open arms and were surprised how well different parts of or personalities worked together. Matt is very logical and was able to execute spreadsheets and a timeline to accomplish all of our tasks. I am a creative and took over designing the look and vision for the wedding. Together is worked out absolutely amazing and we are so pleased!

If someone were considering having their wedding be a surprise what advice would you give them?

My advice for planning a suprise wedding is to be sure you are willing to just roll with the punches. There were many small things that went “wrong” for us planning this wedding. Florist cancelling, bridal hair cancelling, short amount of time to find a venue, etc. but the jet was that we thought outside the box and were only focused on the end result. We kept saying to each other “The only thing that matters is that at the end of the day I am married to you!”

What was your favorite part of the wedding day itself?

My favorite part of the day was getting to finally reveal the suprise to everyone! It was such a built up, long awaited moment and I was just dying to let the cat out of the bag! We were shocked that everyone’s response was complete silence at first but once what we said sunk in everyone was elated! It was SO worth it!