Channel Side Palm Coast, FL Wedding | Emily & Joseph Wedding Blog

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Every time we are trusted to fly out of state for a wedding there is an extra measure of pressure to make sure everything runs smoothly. Waking up the day before Emily & Josephs wedding we did not expect the trials that would unfold. We were up early, packed and ready to take off to the airport when we got the call that our flight had been cancelled due to weather. The next flight we were placed on wouldn't land at our destination until the next day...the WEDDING DAY!!!

I quickly grabbed my phone and investigated the storms path on my radar app to see if we could re-direct ourselves to a local airport that would not be as affected by the storm. Hallelujah! I found a flight that was still available to take us to Orlando Airport instead of Jacksonville as we were originally scheduled for. The distance between these two airports is roughly 3 hours. Surely if we could land in Orlando by 4PM and make the drive up to Jax this would be much better than arriving the next day.

That afternoon we arrived at the airport to take our new flight and we were informed that our flight to Orlando was delayed, not once but it was delayed 4 times. Hours had passed and we were nervously sitting and watching the radar on my phone. I needed to be sure that we had a Plan C,D E & F if something went wrong with this flight. I continued to search for other flights to various airports, calculated drive times, contacted associates for back up (just in case) when all of a sudden the announcement was made that we were boarding our plane. Phew!

We arrived safely in Orlando, grabbed our rental car and took off to Jax. The next morning was absolutely beautiful! It was as if nothing had happened the day before. Not even a cloud in sight. All of the stress from weather delays and flight cancellations the day before just melted away and we were energized for a day in Palm Coast at the beautiful Channel Side Venue.

I knew after working with Emily & Joseph on their engagement photos how laid back and loving this couple was. I couldn't wait to see them again, it felt like it had been forever! Just as expected Emily was looking absolutely stunning, she greeted us with a welcoming hug and introduced us to all her sweet bridesmaids. We caught up with Joseph later on and his crew of groomsmen who were super helpful in making sure the groom stayed hidden from Emily so he didn't see her in her dress. Every one was truly in great spirits and happy to be there and just so fun to work with.

The evening ended in a full on dance party... even the DJ showed off some of his dance moves while lighting up the room with his LED sunglasses and glow sticks. So happy to have been a part of this celebration and even more happy that everything turned out perfectly after our rough beginnings the day before. I can't wait for Emily & Joseph to scroll through this blog post and relive their precious memories...