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One of the greatest perks of being a traveling wedding photographer is the ability to discover new places like we did for Dan & Blancas wedding in St.Thomas, Virgin Islands. I know I know, it sounds like a dream job and it really is...but I promise you it comes with its own challenges and this wedding was no exception to that.

I want this blog space to always be a positive place to be able to share our wedding stories and hear about the couples who choose us to be a part of them. In this blog I want to describe all the beauty that we saw from our personal experience on the island and showcase the stunning photos I got to capture on the wedding day.

I am fully convinced that the Virgin Islands is our new vacation spot. It looks like Hawaii but only HALF of the cost and time to get there (Not to mention there is NO SALES TAX on all of the islands). We hopped aboard a quick flight from Dallas to Miami and then once more to get to St.Thomas. In total we travelled for 6 hours which is really not much when you divide this between 2 flights.

Once on the island we were greeted by cascading hilltops, crystal clear blue water and of course plenty of sunshine. Its a dream location and if you have never been you may be convinced after reading this that you have to visit at least once in your lifetime.

Everyone on the island was so friendly, we felt like the locals were the happiest people we ever met. Our cab driver Eugene was extremely knowledgable of the area and gave us the full scoop on all we were seeing along the way. Getting around the islands is really affordable, the cab rides are $25 from the airport to the other side of the island and only $6 rides anywhere else you like to go. Be prepared for a shock though while driving around as they do drive on the left side of the road. If you have never experienced this before it can be a little scary at first. Traffic flows opposite of what your brain is thinking. I was so thankful for the experienced cab drivers in this case.

While you could stay on St.Thomas and be perfectly happy we decided to go explore a little further on one of the other islands. The closest one to St.Thomas is the island of St.Johns. Its a quick and scenic Ferry ride that is only $24 for a roundtrip. This ended up being our FAVORITE place we have ever visited!! Its a lot quieter and less busy in St.John than in St.Thomas but it is absolutely breathtaking!! We enjoyed breakfast and a mimosa along the water, explored the country side up a winding hilltop in our open air cab ride and eventually discovered Trunk Bay which is the most postcard worthy beach I have ever been to. The water was so clear and so turquoise it was almost not even real.

After an enjoyable day on St.Johns Island we ferried back to Redhook Harbour to meet up with the Rumbaba Sail Boat. We spent the rest of the day and into the evening aboard a beautiful sail boat that took us along the amazing coast line and over to a private cove where we got to snorkel in the most beautiful and calm waters. It was heavenly and we sweared to ourselves we will be back again for more.

The next day we had to prepare for the wedding, we awoke early, had some breakfast at our resort and took a leisurely siesta by the pool until it was time for our bridal party to get ready. I gathered my gear and hiked up a hill to the brides room where she and her bridesmaids were getting ready. Once everyone was dressed and looking beautiful we took off in a van for Emerald Beach Resort near the other side of the island.

Arriving at Emerald Beach Resort I met the wedding coordinator and she gave me a tour of the property where I discovered the beautiful beach that the Ceremony was to be held. It was perfect! Exactly what Blanca had visioned and I just knew it was going to be picture perfect for them. We set everyone up to begin the Ceremony but Mother Nature had other plans for us and decided to shower us with a 10 min storm. As soon as the rain cleared the planner and her team quickly towel dried the chairs and the wedding was able to continue (Phew, what a relief).

Dan & Blanca faced each other hand in hand, shared their vows, placed their rings and all their guests cheered loudly as they kissed and sealed the deal. Now was my chance and my favorite time where I could take advantage of such a gorgeous location with this couple. We had to play a little beat the clock with the sun setting and the clouds above from all the rain but we managed to get enough time for some really stunning images that I am thrilled to finally be able to share.

Dan & Blanca, we thank you for choosing us to capture your wedding day and we truly hope the best for each of you through your journey together. St.Thomas was an incredible place that we won't ever forget and I hope these photos help you re-live the joy of this day time and time again.


** (In light of the recent Hurricane Dorian, please keep The Virgin Islands and all the people affected by the storm in your prayers)


Venue: Emerald Beach Resort

Photographer: Wiler Weddings

Wedding Coordinator: Heart & Soul Unions

Florist: East End Flower Shop


Catering: Emerald Beach Resort

Cake: Suga Mama's Bakery

Minister: Juliet Roberts

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