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The Grand Ivory Wedding | Brittany & Brooks Blog

An office romance gone totally right! Brittany & Brooks met each other working as IT Recruiters for the same company. Brooks was a little put off that just 6 months after he was hired they brought in another recruiter. Worried this would affect his position and inevitably place him in competition, all of his concerns melted away as soon as he met Brittany and realized she was the most amazing girl!

Now everybody knows that dating a coworker is usually viewed as taboo, and this relationship was no exception and had to tip toe through its beginning stages. But love won overall and they became completely inseparable. Fast forward to the day Brooks proposed to Brittany and he was a nervous wreck.

Brittany is a fashion and lifestyle blogger and had mentioned to Brooks that if he were to propose that there had to be a photographer there. So he planned a beautiful proposal on the beach in Florida and yes, he did hire a photographer to capture the moment for them and everything went smoothly.

The day I received an email from Brittany she told me she was referred to us by a bridesmaid that was in a wedding we captured in Charleston. I remember thinking "wow!" what a small world especially because we all lived in North Dallas but it was a Destination wedding in Charleston that brought us all together. I love when this happens, always feels like it was meant to be.

Finally the big day came for these two and it was my 2nd time at the Grand Ivory, which you know from our past experience that I absolutely adore this place. Its just breathtaking rain or shine. We had so much fun and I couldn't wait to share these photos. All of the little details, the colors, the flowers, the sunshine and champagne on tap really just set this wedding apart.

They took off to Italy for their honeymoon after the wedding and I promised they would get to relive this day as soon as they returned. If you have been following us on Instagram then you know we are also headed to Italy in 2 days! I watched all of Brittanys stories on her IG account which you can see @britt.and.bubbly to see what they did. She sent me some great recommendations on restaurants to visit and now I get to send her all of these to enjoy.



Venue: The Grand Ivory

Photo & Video: Wiler Weddings

Wedding Planner: Kari Ellen Events

Bar & Beverage: Cork + Clink

Flowers: Billie Ball & Co

Cake: Jenny Layne Bakery

Cake: Yeli Belly Chocolates

Beauty: Brite Bar

Rentals & Decor: Marquee Event Rentals

Entertainment: Everlasting Sounds

Catering: Mi Cocina

Transportation: Premier Transportation

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