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Sometimes we meet a bride and we just know we are going to be great friends. Jean Marie met with us during one of our many trips to Jacksonville. She was bright and bubbly and actually laughed at all of Lukes jokes. She kept saying that Drew was going to love having Luke around on the wedding day and boy did he!

Before I get too far ahead of myself I cant talk about how amazing these two are without telling you about their engagement session. This was my first chance to work with them together and get to know them even better as a couple.

I had planned to meet 3 couples on this day at different times. I was only in town for a short amount of days and everyone was on board for this beautiful location in Big Talbot Island. On my way to the sessions that I was so excited for I became very ill. So ill that I had to pull my car over and speak with a Doctor on Demand. I will spare you the details but basically I had caught a bug after recently returning from a wedding in Mexico and the Doctor said I needed antibiotics right away.

I decided to make an attempt at continuing my sessions because I could not let down all 3 of these amazing couples. I lasted about 15 mins in my first session before I had to drive myself to the hospital. I became extremely weak and dizzy and walking around a large park in the Florida sun was not going to work for me.

Sadly I had to contact my other couples and let them know what was happening. It was one of the hardest moments I have had as a photographer and it broke my heart to cancel on such amazing couples. Jean Marie & Drew were so understanding and made me feel better about having to re-schedule.

Finally the day came when I could travel back to Jax and work with them to make up for their engagement session. We ended up changing locations to a fun little spot near Atlantic Beach. I dont know what was going on but would you believe me if I told you that it rained all day long during their engagement session? We just couldn't catch a break so I said "you know what, it doesn't matter anymore.... we are going to shoot in the rain!".... I was so sooo lucky that they were game for whatever and we ended up taking some of the cutest photos with them and they're umbrellas. I mean hey its Florida, it rains all the time...

Months seem to fly by as we were getting ready for their big day. Just before packing our bags we get word that Hurricane Dorian is headed for Florida just in time for Jean Marie & Drews wedding.... Oh no! Not again!

We watched the news like hawks that entire weekend fearing the absolute worst. Who would hop on a plane and fly towards a Hurricane?..... guilty! Fortunately for us the Hurricane was moving extremely slow and was not predicted to make landfall for several days. We just escaped a potential disaster but we did catch a beautiful day for a wedding. THANK GOODNESS we caught a break and were able to have the best day with this couple and all their friends and family.

We had so much fun and I think Luke and Drew had some sort of bromance going on the entire day. Every time I looked over at them Drew was winking and high fiving Luke. Jean Marie was right, they were easy friends. By the end of the night we had made not only great memories but great friendships.


Photo: Wiler Weddings

Video: Wiler Weddings

Venue: The Club Continental and Orange Park Presbyterian Church

Band: KtG

Flowers: Park Avenue Florist

Cake: Kakes by Katie

Hair: Tamera Nelson

Makeup: Make Up by Christina Burns

Invitations: Impressions of San Marco and Minted for Save the Date

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